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4b. Jon Cleland-Host: "It's All Really There!"


Chemist Jon Cleland-Host turns his attention from his parental role in giving his young sons an inspiring naturalism (see podcast episode 4a) to the ways that his deep-time, scientific awareness shapes his inner world: spiritual, emotional, and moral. Several times he refers to the "Symphony of Science" music video series — at one point, poignantly crying out "It's all really there!" (echoing Richard Feynman's now-famous proclamation). Cultivating gratitude on a daily (and usually deep-time) basis brings him intense communion with his human and prior-to-human ancestry: all their struggles and joys that made his own moment in time possible and for which he now feels the ethical imperative to "pay it forward."  Along the way, he chastises fellow freethinkers who have not yet rooted in their evolutionary story, and thus who may have neglected the need to cultivate lives of naturally inspired meaning and purpose.

Theme song "Poetry of Reality" courtesy Symphony of Science.



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