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4a. Jon Cleland-Host: "Inspiring Naturalism for Families"

Jon Cleland-Host, chemical scientist, is a leader in bringing to Earth-centered traditions (notably, neo-paganism) modes of inner reflection and community and family celebrations that are fully grounded in mainstream science.  He and his physicist wife, Heather Cleland-Host, have been raising their 3 sons in a milieu that nurtures relational bonds with the grand sweep of time and ancestry: the Epic of Evolution. Past-president of his Unitarian Universalist fellowship in Midland MI, Jon now chairs the religious education committee. Jon (center) is pictured here with his three sons, with Michael Dowd, and with his "Cosmala" beads that narrate a scientifically accurate story of the Universe.  His intergenerational curriculum contributions to website include: Timeline for Cosmala; Worship Resources for Evolution Sunday; and Meditation on Ancestors

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